The Rules

  • The Rules

    I am your Goddess, God, Allah, Savior and Your only religion now!!! There could not be a better time to start your new life of domination, slavery and obedience than now? This video is being released for obedient, serious, men, pay slaves, financial pigs, corporate pigs, small dick losers that are good for nothing better than to be my personal bitch and bank account. If this is the first day of your new life of sacrifice and slavery. This life is not for the average slave this is only for the best of the best. Now there will be some hopeless losers lucky enough to buy it... but, do not fear you graveling unworthy worm they all will not last. I am a High Class Domina not a cheap trick I expect a lot so, it will be only the elite that can prove themselves worthy enough for one of the final positions to serve me in my Sexuary. This video is designed so that you can begin your new life anytime all you have to do is click and pay and Watch to learn the rules.

    Video Info

    • Price: $3.99
    • Filesize: 16.8 MB
    • Length: 3:15
    • Created: 1/15/12
    • Nudity? No
    • DRM? No


    • Slave Training
    • Goddess Worship
    • Financial Domination