S1umber Farty with hint of SPH

  • S1umber Farty with hint of SPH

    You’re super excited when I open the door and I’m wearing a hot little silk and lace trim hot pink and black nightie you immediately get aroused when You see I’m watching a sexual kinky movie I love and I look super sexy hot in this outfit so you strip down to your jammies and get comfy on the bed and I climb on the bed tits hanging in your face and just as your dicklet is getting its hardest the slumber party turns into a slumber farty and I make you endure my stinky loud farts in your face cause you are a small dick loser and I would never invite your little dick over to a real slumber party NO WAY!!! LOL stupid slave smell this….

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    • Created: 11/27/12
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    • Farting
    • Ass Worship
    • Ass Humiliation