Newports, Nipples, and Knickers

  • Newports, Nipples, and Knickers

    Smoking her cigarette (Newport) in her black bra and red silk knickers (panties) black fishnets and high heels Empress $unshine dominates you and uses your smoke addicted ass for her personal ashtray, (what will she use your mouth?, yourballs & cock?) she teases and mocks your smoking fetish and you for being such a loser, teasing you with peeks of her perfection blowing clouds of her smoke in your face teasing you with her legs feet tits ass and lips she controls your mind right into submission as her smoke addict!

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    • Length: 6:30
    • Created: 9/5/12
    • Nudity? Yes
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    • Panty Fetish
    • Smoking
    • Ass Fetish