Naughty Neighbor Caught and Destroyed part 2 CUCK STYLE

  • Naughty Neighbor Caught and Destroyed part 2 CUCK STYLE

    Beg for the Keys - Chastity Cuckold Tease I have had you locked up for a while now with no contact from me at all with the blinds closed and you have been waiting and straining to get just even a glimpse of me but… nothing! But I have just text you to come over you are so happy thinking you will be freed finally but your sooo wrong so you beg for the keys but I say NO!!! Sit down bitch and watch… I get joy out of knowing that you're sitting in the room watching as I get fucked by a big cock… so badly you want to touch your dick and stroke it to my intense moans of pleasure as he fucks me harder and harder. But poor baby... You’re locked up! ALLL LOCKED UP!!! And I have the key. I have all the power and you're helpless!!! I am in total control! Lol you want out don’t you? Want the key bad, huh? Well you're going to have to beg me for it since you wanted to be the naughty peeping neighbor….

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