• money-slave

    You’ve tried to ignore it, tried fighting it, your stupid ass even tried to deny it but…you're destined to be my money slave. The power I hold over you is so strong. Every time you think about me you realize you want nothing more than to be My money slave... to work for Me, to pamper Me, to spend only on Me. My body is so enticing; it helps remind you of how good it feels to spend. It feels so good to be drained... to be completely and totally used up like a good little cash slave! Now stop trying to fight it and just give in to your cravings buy this clip submitt and start obeying...

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    • Length: 6:00
    • Created: 7/13/11
    • Nudity? Yes
    • DRM? No


    • Financial Domination
    • Female Domination
    • Humiliation