• giantess-pet

    So you want to be my pet, do you little man? Your little tiny pleas of help that no one can even hear lol… as you beg for your life since I caught you. What you say you little bitch? I already have your dad in a cage do I? And you want to be with him as my pet also. HMM… Why would I need 2 pets? I don’t so I hang you over my giant cavernous mouth and threaten to eat you now lol… You are powerless against me I am bigger than you HA HA HA my loud laughter is ear piercing to your tiny eardrums as I taunt and tease you with my power over you and your dad. I start to eat you and you start begging for your life but… I don’t have any use for another little pet I already have one your dad lol…. So… YOU are LUNCH!!!!

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    • Giantess
    • POV
    • Female Domination