Extreme Ass Worship POV (Close Up)

  • Extreme Ass Worship POV (Close Up)

    I put my sexy round ass right in your loser ass addicted face, shaking it, smacking it, rubbing it, grabbing it, bouncing it, all close up in your face teasing you making you set there and watch but you are not allowed to move, no stroking or touching at all. Teasing you with my ass into submission as my ass addict now under my spell you will obey and pay like never before… Sniff and lick my sweet crack clean loser you know you want to you loser ass puppet

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    • Length: 6:45
    • Created: 12/18/12
    • Nudity? Yes
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    • Ass Worship
    • Ass Domination
    • Booty Shaking