• addicted-loser

    You are such a loser an addicted loser! You are so addicted to watching my clips that it doesn’t matter what I do does it LOSER! Ha Ha!!!
    No matter what or how many degrading things I say to you or make you do you still Come back for more and more No matter how many times I blow smoke in your face and tell you exactly what a loser I think you really are here you are again just jerking to watch me in a clip smoking blowing it in your loser faggot face! Like now I am telling you that you are a big fucking loser while smoking and blowing it in your stupid face and decide what clip I should make and you’re paying for it! And you love every last minute of it don’t you Loser? I know you do! I mean at least I’m talking to you right? By the end of this clip you will be on your knees mouth open ashing in our own mouth loving the thought of letting me ash in your mouth. Making you my human ashtray! Hanging on every single French inhale close up and drag… lol… LOSER!!!!!

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    • Length: 6:30
    • Created: 7/8/11
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    • Financial Domination
    • Humiliation
    • Female Domination